Richard King

Richard KING (1907-1974) was born in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The family moved to Westport in 1922, where he completed school before moving to Dublin in 1926. He entered the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art, and studied illustration and design. He joined the firm of J. Clarke & Sons in 1928. Following the death of Harry Clarke, he became manager of Harry Clarke Stained Glass Studio Ltd in 1935. He resigned a few years later to carry out commissions at his own studio in Dalkey. He designed 12 postage stamps, issued during the period 1933–49. He illustrated the prestigious Capuchin Annual, for many years. He was responsible for more than 60 stained glass windows in churches in Ireland, England, Wales, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA; also for Stations of the Cross in oils and enamels; crucifixes in enamels; murals and oil paintings. He shunned publicity, devoting his life to religious art. He died at his home in Raheny, Dublin in1974.
Three windows by Richard King can be found in Mayo.

Church of our Lady, Help of Christians, Swinford

The Assumption 1952 (2 light)

Scenes from The Old and New Testaments 1964 (2 light)

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